Old Track Vandalism

The Need For Change.

Sadly, despite the many hours put into building a public track, and the further thousands of hours spent constructing locomotives which we share with the public - there is a mindless minority that just seem to want to selfishly destroy.  Though appreciated by many families and children, our track at Sandringham Park suffered several major acts valdalism in its last couple of years.  The opening of an adjacent skate board park meant we have often had intimidating behaviour during the times of trains running; from unruly conduct to deliberate derailing of trains.

With so much time, money and care being put into our models, it was little wonder that members became tired of the intimidation and stopped taking their cherished creations to the track.  So it was a mandate from the membership to locate a new track site.

Opposite are a number of articles and photographs illustrating some of the physical damage sustained at our old track site.

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Beyond the normal level of tampering inevitable in a park bordering a Council estate, and a burning car dumped outside our Club storage; this was the first attack on the track.

This article is reproduced from the Mid Devon Advertiser of 14th March 2003.
A photo of the first round of damage taken on 6th March 2003. The skateboard park is in the background.
Following much hard work, the track was restored to running condition for the start of the season, requiring the re-building of piers, and the replacement of many yards of rail.
Later in the same year, more devastating damage as a stolen van was driven at the track, the destruction worse than in the Spring. This was really the motivating point fuelling our decision to move. This article is reproduced from the Advertiser of 14th November 2003.
A further cutting from the Mid Devon Advertiser of 8th April 2005. This time a pier was struck by a large South West Water manhole cover that was rolled down the hill at the track - this struck and bounced over the track. Fortunately there was less damage than on previous occassions, but nevertheless this further need for repairs.