Archive - The Early Years

Here is a selection of photos from much earlier in the Society's history.

50 years ago, the majority of locomotives built were
2½" and 3½" gauge as exampled here. Today the size is typically double that.

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Les Head with his 3½" gauge G.W.R. mogul No. 9304.
Harry Hopley, with his well travelled and trusty 3½" gauge "Princess Marina". Both were an inspiration to many. His loco is in Newton Abbot Town Museum.
A young Ted Head in charge of Harry's "Princess Marina" at the original track.  In the background, Sam Haydon prepares his "Hielan Lassie".
Jeff Stevens at the controls of Les Head's 3½" gauge G.W.R. mogul.
Fred Channon again at the early Penn Inn track.  He is driving his 3½" gauge 'Miss 10 to 8', a design by 'L.B.S.C.' and probably only the second one built to that design.
Bill Closier driving 'Dorothy', a 3½" gauge 2-8-0 to his own design.  The photo was taken by Ted Head at the Penn Inn track probably in the late 1960s.