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2010 - The Final Touches ?

This is a summary of work done in the current year; please select from the Year tabs above to follow progress in other years.

A work of this size is a huge undertaking for a small group, and I hope you will look back through the previous year tabs to get a flavour of what has been achieved.

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Surviving a harsh winter without incident, the design and build of the track has stood up well, and credit must go to those who have had a hand in making a superb job of the track and supporting infrastructure.

Things have come a long way since the low times around the turn of the century, when vandalism was taking away the enjoyment of our hobby, but our new track and site have set the Society up well for the future.

And positively, membership has definitely increased, from 38 members in 2001 to over double that today.

There are still a number of important tasks to complete, and hopefully most will be tackled through this year.

Our construction diary is in the adjacent column . . .   - most recent item at the top.

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Building Bridges.                               23th May 2010

Work is now underway on the footbridge from the parking area.  Off-site Kevin has welded up the new frame that forms the 3M walkway from the end of the steps.  On Sunday morning Kevin and Ted drilled 5 holes in the steps section to allow the extension to be bolted on.
A new cutter guard made by John W has been fitted as part of ride on mower's winter overhaul, which is now running very well.

New 7¼" Bays, and Cat Flaps.                   15th April 2010

Continuing the upgrades to the steaming bays, the two mixed 3½/5" gauge bays have been modified by the insertion of a welded 'cat flap'.  A section of the 3½" gauge rail can now be swung out of the way to allow a 5" gauge loco grate to drop straight through.  A simple catch allows the rail to be secured back in place for normal use with a 3½" gauge loco.

The final job in the steaming bay area was the fitting of an extra pair of rails to two of the bays forming dual gauged bays that will take 7¼" gauge locomotives.
As part of the traverser upgrade, all steaming bays have been moved slightly away from the traverser and realigned, losing their 'wonky' look, and are now visually more pleasing to the eye.

Steaming Bay Slabs Complete.                   8th April 2010

Over the last couple of weeks Keith Fairman has made a brilliant job of laying the remaining paving around the steaming bays, a job no-one seemed to want to tackle.  Laying these heavy slabs is not a job for the faint hearted, but in sorting this out, Keith has made this area much tidier and safer, and we can now finish the landscaping here.

Fruits of Winter.                               28th March 2010

The winter of 2009/10 was the coldest and longest for some time, and with all the water disconnected due to frequent frosts, very little was done on site.  However, modifications for the traverser were being thought through, and Dave Ashwell was busy machining big pieces of steel for this in his workshop.

The result is pretty much as the attached photos; the traverser top has been fitted with flange guide rails, and hinged end ramps that taper down to the track; Dave, Ron and John Underhill having toiled on this.  Hopefully the ocassional problem where loco drain cock valves have been damaged due to the height difference has now been resolved.  Importantly a wooden back plate has been added to ensure locomotives cannot fall off the back edge.

Each hinged end plate can be latched up to allow the traverser to be moved, and is counter-balanced to stop it dropping too quickly.  Underneath, a pair of dampers have been fitted to reduce the chance of a hard landing when the traverser approaches the spur line.